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لمعلومات عن الدورة باللغة العربية​

Innovative methods for teaching language: grammar, word meanings, spelling and punctuation

​​Course Developer and Lecturer
Dr. Haifa Majadleh​

Course Description
The course aims to present the general principles of teaching all the components of the Arabic language and to offer innovative methods and strategies for teaching them.

Since the traditional methods of teaching have not succeeded in overcoming the difficulties inherent in teaching language in general and grammar in particular, a need exists to espouse innovative methods and strategies for teaching this subject. These methods integrate the developments in the disciplines and technology and steer the prevailing traditional teaching process in innovative directions.

The course focuses on the following language components:

1. Grammar

2. Word meanings

3. Spelling and punctuation

This course combines theoretical aspects and practical experience and will provide the teacher with practical tools for coping with each of its components.

Prior Requirements
Basic knowledge of operating a computer and the Internet.

14 weeks


Costs  Scolarships

The price for educational and teaching personnel​ in Israel – NIS 650​
The cost for participants from abroad - $250​

This will be uploaded to the course website in "moodle".

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