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MOFET International

Reflections of participants from our various activities​

Webinars and Online Courses​​

(Translated from Hebrew)
I took part in a lecture on the topic of visual literacy.
First of all, this medium is really nice; I've never taken part in a lecture like that before.
It was cold, right in the middle of the storm. I was at home and I still took part in the lecture. Nice...
It was interesting. I learned how to use various visual media and to think in advance about whether the aid suited the objective, whether it was suitable for the 
"instructed" age. Is it too intense? What is its message?
I learned that it's possible to learn a lot from a picture if you look at it long enough and several times.
I'll certainly incorporate what I've learned into my teaching.
Generally speaking, it was a special experience. The way the lecturer related to questions and comments contributed a great deal. 
Shahar Beiba (December 11, 2013).

Professional Visits​

(Translated from Hebrew)
Dear Bilha,
At the conclusion of the course on the topic, "An Integrative Approach to Young Children's Development", which was held in cooperation with Haifa University's Institute for the Study of Child Development, we would like to thank you on behalf of The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center and on behalf of the students and the course staff for your willingness to devote your time to organizing the wonderful visit to The MOFET Institute, despite the constraints of your heavy schedule.
Our visit to your Institute made a deep impression on the participants and met our expectations – it was interesting, enriching, and instructional, and in particular, it afforded the opportunity to confer with the forum members regarding the topic of special education.
We would also like to mention the warm reception that awaited us, the refreshments, and the friendliness, which all added to the overall experience.
We hope that this cooperation will continue in the future.

With best wishes,
Sara Vilner
Anna Andrechnik
Course staff

Dear Dr. Golan,
Re: The Seminar for the German Delegation, "Training Teachers for Vocational Education" – November 2014
  1. I wish to express our appreciation to you and the staff of The MOFET Institute for hosting the members of the German delegation at a two-day seminar on the topic, "Training Teachers for Vocational Education", which was held at The MOFET Institute on November 10 and 11, 2014.
  2. The delegation came to Israel on a study tour as guests of the Israeli Ministry of the Economy in the framework of the agreement for the exchange of knowledge between the above-mentioned ministry and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany BMBF.
  3. During the MOFET seminar, whose program was varied, unique, and tailored to the guests from Germany, they heard lectures on diverse fields of teacher education and vocational education given by numerous lecturers. The lectures enriched their knowledge and accomplished the objective of the visit.   
  4. The members of the delegation expressed a great deal of interest in the seminar and mentioned this in the meeting that concluded their visit to Israel. They further stated that they had learned a lot at MOFET, praised the professional standard of the Institute, and maintained that it would be appropriate for an institute of this kind to be established in Germany.
With my best wishes for ongoing cooperation,
Yours truly
Shmuel Pur, Ministry of Economy, Israel 

Academic Portals​

"Hello dear members of MOFET International Portal of Teacher Education!
I am very happy to read your newsletter and for the information about education
I hope you'll send me the next one."
Madame Kouamé Aka Jeannette
Deputy director of preschool and primary school Education, Côte d'Ivoire

"Thanks for the newsletters. The journals are very educative and contain a wealth of knowledge. More grease to your elbows." 
Jeremiah Badu Shayar


- Seminar for Community Executives of the Jewish World​, June 2014

Anne Goldberg: "I have never had a feeling of being Jewish. My mother was an atheist and our Judaism felt empty. Through TAO, I began to feel a connection to Judaism and would reluctantly describe myself as Jewish. Now, after this seminar, I am proud to be Jewish.  And even more, as a result of this MOFET seminar and the information we received and the experiences we shared, I now understand that not only am I a Jew, but I have a homeland – a place I can always come to. I now understand and fully support Zionism."

Lisa Taylor: "Awe, beauty and history. The hardest road you will ever travel is the 18 inches between your head and heart."

Pamela Kelner: "We met (1) Dr. Tova Perlmutter, a leader, a teacher, whose background is as an Israeli and as an educator. Tova is deeply committed to her task of making sure all of us get the most out of our experience here in Israel. She showed unyielding strength in organizing every aspect of our journey through Israel, which included every single place we went: restaurants, hotels, shows, biblical trips, city highlights, etc. (2) Judy Rosenberg, Her vast amount of knowledge, combined with her skills in delivering the information, gave us an elevated sense of being in each place. She created a verbal picture that will last forever."

Annette Vafa: "We encountered all kinds of leaders during our travels. First of all, Dr. Tova Perlmutter served as an inspiration as an educational leader and Judy served to further inspire us through her passionate portrayal of history. Survival during the Holocaust and other difficult times depended on individuals who kept people with a desire to survive. An army leader often has to lead and inspire his troops to keep them going. The Israeli tradition of the commander going first helps people commit themselves. Kahalani taught me that losing was not an option and he committed himself to doing his job and following orders even if he and others perished.​"
A Journey's Diary…​​​​

Hebrew Teachers Forum​

Dear Rachel,
I've been very busy lately and have not had the time to take part in the forum activities. I "dropped in" for brief visits, and, as always, I had a good time…
Among other things, I have been busy with a learning project about Eretz Yisrael. I used many ideas that emanated from the creative brains of the forum members, and the project was very successful. The overseeing committee that came to examine the activity awarded us a trip to Israel.
Now, on the eve of the trip, I just had to write to you and thank you for the effective and  fruitful forum.
Thank you :)
With gratitude and appreciation,

Moriah Sternglantz
Coordinator and teacher of Hebrew Studies
Lauder Highschool, Austria

(Translated from Hebrew)

Prof. Ada Taggar-Cohen, Head of the Program of Jewish Studies, Doshisha University, Japan:
"I'm not really active these days, but I do follow your emails. I just wanted to tell you how much I admire - adore - the investment of you and other teachers on your  website. It is a glory, and the support that you provide is amazing!  I'm on a vacation from teaching and try to concentrate on my research, but i continue to keep track of your activity. warm greetings. have a hot summer, but a passive one!"

Avital Drori, Director of the Unit for Teaching Hebrew in the Diaspora, Center for Educational Technology, Israel (MATACH)​:
"We are all continuing to follow the lively activity in the Hebrew Teachers' Forum that is run by you with great excitement. There is no doubt that you have succeeded in generating conditions and an atmosphere that have created a professional home for the community of participants. I am sure that there are also people whose voices are not heard but who nonetheless benefit greatly from the contents and the plentiful advice."​

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