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MOFET International

About The International Channel​

As a result of the vast amount of experience amassed at MOFET and the growing interest worldwide, MOFET has, in the past few years, expanded its activities to the international arena. Through its International Channel, MOFET offers a range of programs and platforms for the benefit of the international community of teacher educators, teachers and professionals holding positions in education.

Among the International Channel's various activities:

  • Academic content portals of teacher education – subscription and use of the portals are free of charge. These portals provide outstanding resources for teacher educators worldwide
  • Educational study tours combining exposure to Israeli organizations, hi-tech industry, and sightseeing in the Holy Land
  • Leadership seminars
  • Short-term programs on various educational topics
  • International online conferences on teacher education
  • Webinars (online encounters) on current issues in teacher education. Participation in the webinars is free of charge
  • Online Academy​: Study programs in two main channels: (1) Teaching EFL & Teaching ICT in Education; (2) Teaching Hebrew & Teaching Jewish Studie
Needless to say we have many programs that are developed in response to specific requests from the field (short-term programs in Israel and abroad, special projects, research projects, etc.). All programs can be altered to fit specific needs of specific groups.

Here at MOFET we would like to open channels of communication with as many institutes and individuals as possible, expand the work of the international community of teacher educators and educators, and establish a fruitful dialogue with colleagues worldwide.

Contact us for further information, inquiries and/or collaboration opportunities

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