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لمعلومات عن الدورة باللغة العربية​

Adapting teaching in classes that include pupils with difficulties and/or learning disabilities

​​Course Developer and Lecturer
Mrs. Siraa Hanna-Hazan​​

Course Description

The aim of this course is to prepare teachers to cope with classes that include pupils with difficulties and/or learning disabilities. The course will deal with the acquisition of skills for reinforcing the connection between teacher and pupils by linking the disciplinary contents studied and the requisite skills to the learning difficulties and disabilities of the pupils in the class. This will be achieved by means of whole-class and individual intervention that comprises employing learning aids and strategies, attending to necessary cognitive processes, instilling learning styles, including literacy skills, and devoting individual attention to pupils with difficulties.

While the intervention methods that will be dealt with in the course will endow the teachers with tools for coping with pupils with difficulties and/or learning disabilities, they can also be used for coping with the general population of learners in the class.

Although the course will deal with general principles for teaching in classrooms that include pupils with difficulties and/or learning disabilities, the material and the demonstrations that will be provided are tailored more to middle- and secondary- school pupils since these age-groups require higher cognitive abilities as well as the abilities to analyze the educational material, to compare, and to draw conclusions.

Prior Requirements
Basic knowledge of operating a computer and accessing the Internet.

14 weeks


Costs  Scolarships

The price for educational and teaching personnel​ in Israel – NIS 650​
The cost for participants from abroad - $250​

This will be uploaded to the course website in moodle.

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