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Bring Your Own Device: Personal Digital Tools in the Classroom – An Idea whose Time has Come

ITEC Webinar

Date:May 22, 2013
Time: 7 pm IST, 12 pm EST, 5 pm GMT
Duration: 1.5 hours
Registration: Closed
Recording: click here for recording (attached - login instructions)

Not too many years ago, when schools spoke of ‘computers in the classroom’, they meant that pupils would spend a few hours a week in a computer laboratory. As prices came down and computer capabilities went up, more and more schools decided to take the technology to the students instead of taking the students to the technology – in the form of banks of laptops.

A trend is now developing for 1:1 computing, i.e., one device per child. Sometimes this is known as ‘mobile learning’ because the technology remains with the pupil. Many schools have adopted or are looking into adopting a mobile, tablet-centered learning program.

However, although 1:1 makes educational sense, it may not make economic sense in an era when many pupils already own devices that are at least as good as, and often much better than, anything that can be provided by their school. For this reason, a relatively small but increasing number of schools are now permitting pupils to bring their own digital devices into the classroom (BYOD). Clearly, a move such as this has significant educational implications. The successful implementation of BYOD requires the establishment of a technological framework and an examination of ethical and safety issues. Above all, it requires a clear educational vision. This session will examine the perceived benefits of mobile learning in general and BYOD in particular, as well as the various prerequisites for the successful implementation of BYOD. 

The webinar will be conducted in English.

Terry Freedman has worked in education since 1975. He has taught in schools, served as Head of Department, worked at the UK's Qualifications & Curriculum Authority, held a senior position in a London local education authority, and worked as an Ofsted inspector for ICT and Business Education.

Now an independent educational ICT consultant, Terry publishes the ICT in Education website, the ICT in Education archive website, and the newsletter, Computers in Classrooms.

Terry has contributed articles to a wide range of British and overseas journals, both print and online. With over 12 books published, he is a member of the UK's Society of Authors. In addition, he is a member of the British Computer Society, a Fellow of Mirandanet, a Fellow of Naace, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

To read case studies and other articles by Terry on the subject of Bring Your Own Device, please see this link.



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