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 The 'Proficiency Approach' to Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language

JTEC Webinar

Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 19:00 – 20:30
Time: 7 pm IST, 12 pm EST, 5 pm GMT (more)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Registraion: closed

This webinar was conducted in Hebrew


This webinar will present the "Proficiency Approach" to teaching Hebrew as a second language. The approach, which was developed by Brandeis University, was initiated and led by Prof. Vardit Ringvald as a result of the dissatisfaction with the knowledge and motivation of the students who were studying Hebrew at the university.
The "Proficiency Approach" places the learner at the center and sets itself the goal of enhancing the personal ability of every learner to function in the Hebrew language.
The program focuses on the teaching of the four main skills: reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking, and combines diverse cultural and applied contents with activities such as acting lessons and a play, holding interviews in Hebrew, and other applications.
On the one hand, the program is graduated and offers tools and indexes for examining the ability of every learner at the various levels and in the various skills; on the other, the learning materials afford a great deal of flexibility in the preparation of the appropriate academic program for every learner in accordance with his/her individual level and personal interest.
The results of studying according to the program demonstrated an appreciable improvement in the learners' achievements as well as in their attitude toward the study of the Hebrew language. Today, the program is used for teaching various languages in academic institutions in the United States.





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