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​​Workshop for Teaching Hebrew: Tools, Implementation and Experience

Course Description
This is a computerized course as part of the program: "A Teaching Certificate for Hebrew Instruction as a Foreign Language"

  • This is a practical workshop emphasizing didactic tools in the teaching of the Hebrew language
  • Students learning teaching methods to make the Hebrew lesson effective, challenging and stimulating, with the instructor present in the classroom  

לקורס ולתיאור הקורס בעברית

Course Objectives
  • To provide the teacher with tools for teaching Hebrew texts and verbs
  • To teach the means for making the lesson stimulating and exciting  
Course Plan
  1. Introduction
    • How to make the lesson interesting and effective
      • Methods related to the teacher
      • Methods related to the student
      • Methods related to didactic tools.
  2. First Hebrew Lessons
    • Encouraging Hebrew speech
      • Encouraging speech by means of playing
      • Encouraging speech by means of recitation
    • Teaching reading and writing.
    • Internalization and memory aids.
  3. Teaching Texts
    • Preparation
      • Oral preparation
      • Written preparation.
    • The processing Stage
    • The repetition, implementation and relaxation stage
      • Oral activities
      • Written activities.
  4. On the Path of the Hebrew Experience – Hebrew in Action
    • An overview of the method
    • Examples.
  5. Teaching the Verb
    • Preparing a notebook of verbs
      • Adding verbs to the notebook.
    • Introduction
    • The "instilling" stage
    • The practice and drilling stages
      • Verbal drill
      • Written drill.
    • The repetition, enrichment and relaxation stages.
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