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MOFET International

Jewish Supplementary School Education 

Program Objectives:

Until now, supplementary school teachers in Hebrew and synagogue schools looking for professional advancement and development have struggled to find appropriate training opportunities. Time constraints (as teachers often work in areas other than the school setting) and a lack of relevant and useful programming have made finding effective and practical professional teacher training challenging.
In addition to limited time with students, supplementary school teachers face the challenge of conveying exciting and relevant religious education in an effective and engaging manner, without normal teaching tools such as tests and homework.

The MOFET Institute, a teachers college recognized by Israel’s Ministry of Education, is excited to announce this ground-breaking program specifically geared towards meeting the needs and unique challenges of the supplementary school teacher.

Courses in the program are geared towards the materials, skills and pedagogical tools needed in today’s Hebrew school classroom. Some classes place their focus on specific teaching material, offering insights and strategies to convey important educational material, from the Jewish Calendar to Hebrew Language to Jewish Prayer. Other classes focus on broader teaching goals, including informal learning and family education. The program’s online format allows for individualized learning, but also includes interaction between students throughout the course. Finally, students can study on their own schedule, allowing the flexibility necessary for many supplementary school teachers.

Program Details:

Students in the program can study in three distinct contexts, offering a range of learning opportunities critical for teacher development. These include, Online course study, Periodic Webinars, and an optional Israel Learning Seminar.

  1. Courses: To earn a Certificate of Completion, students in the program must complete eight (8) courses over a two year period, usually two per semester (although some students may prefer to study at a slower pace). Total course study is the equivalent of 224 study hours. Courses are primarily asynchronous, allowing students to study in the framework of their own schedule, but will include three online lessons with the instructor as per the requirements of Israel’s Ministry of Education. Each credit represents one semester of study.
  2. Webinars: Four (4) over a two year period, from MOFET’s rich offering of ongoing online educational programming. Students in the program will also be eligible to participate in any MOFET webinar free of charge for the course of their study in the program. Click here to view a list of this year’s Webinar Program.
  3. Educational Seminar in Israel (Optional)
    The Mofet Institute conducts annual two-week-long programs for educators in Israel over the summer months. These highly subsidized programs allow students to explore the rich offerings that can only be found in the State of Israel, interact with each-other in person, as well as study together with their instructors in the context of an educational Israel experience that will both enhance their Jewish knowledge and their teacher competence.

Following the successful completion of the program, students will earn a Certificate in Supplementary School Education from the MOFET Institute’s Online Academy.

 Program Developer:


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