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​Integrating Technologies into the Teaching of the Jewish Year Cycle

Course description:

This cutting edge course will give teachers the tools to integrate computers and the internet in their lessons while teaching the Jewish cycle. Teachers will learn and practice a variey of multi-media tools and programs and together form interactive lesson plans for the various Jewish festivals for their pupils.

Course topics:

Adding Technology to the Jewish year cycles. Each unit is based on a different festival or event in the Jewish calender.
Unit 1
Introductions: All about pictures
Where can you find pictures?
What copyright issues are there?
What quality of photos is required?
How do you save adapt and cut pictures?
Where can I store my pictures?

Unit 2- Ready made v open material
Where can I find and what closed resources are available online for teaching the Jewish year cycle?
what are open sources?
How can I use these to fit my material?

Unit 3- Online posters, treasure hunts and virtual tours
What is an online poster?
How can it be used to teach the Jewish year cycle?
How can I evaluate the pupils' work
What are treasure hunts?
How can we move from lower to higher ordered thinking to teach the Jewish year cycle with technology?
How can I write treasure hunts for my class?
What type of virtual trips can I have for my pupils?

Unit 4- Advertisements and radio programs
What is a podcast?
How can I use the audacity program?
Where can I find music and sound effects?
What types of activities can I do use sound files?

Unit 5 -Making movies
How can you use movies for teaching?
Why make your own movies?
How do you do it?

Course requirements:

Active participation is a "must" in this course. Students are required to participate in 5 synchronous (online) classes and complete assignments for each unit. It is also advantageous to actually try out the new technologies learnt with a class.

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