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MOFET International

Scholarships for Online Courses

The purpose

To encourage educational institutions and frameworks to enhance and expand the pedagogical and content knowledge of their teaching staff and students. 
To do so, MOFET's Online Academy grants scholarships in accordance with the criteria mentioned below. Receiving a scholarship is conditional on meeting these criteria, and depends on the number of applicants for the scholarship in a particular year and on the number of scholarships available to the Institute in that year.

A scholarship covers the cost of one course only.

Criteria for granting a scholarship

1. The application for a scholarship is institutional and must include the precise details of the institution and the candidate as requested in the application form below.
2. An institution may receive a scholarship for one course in each of the programs offered (see options  in the form below)
3. A separate application form must be filled out for each scholarship (that is, for each candidate). 
4. An individual cannot be a candidate for a scholarship in more than one course. 
5. An institution may only apply for a scholarship for a course in which it has not previously been granted a scholarship. 
6. A participant who is granted a scholarship cannot also be counted in a group registration for the purpose of receiving an institutional discount. 

What are you required to do?

The head of the institution applying for a scholarship, must: 
1. Submit the fully completed application forms, as per the requirements; 
2. Ensure that the participant has the appropriate conditions for meeting all of the course requirements (working out a timetable, availability of technological infrastructures, provision of supplementary materials, etc.). 
The candidate who is granted a scholarship, must:
1. Meet all of the course requirements. 
2. Complete the online feedback form at the end of the course.

In the event of a positive response, we Recommend that:

The head of the institution
1. Make the most of the knowledge gained by the participant for the benefit of the institution. 
2. Recommend the particular course as well as other Online Academy courses to additional participants. 
3. Provide feedback based on the participant's opinion and in accordance with the benefit derived by the institution from these studies, in order to improve the online courses. 

The participant:

1. Contribute the knowledge he has gained during the course for the benefit of the institution in which he works. 
2. Recommend the particular course as well as other Online Academy courses to additional participants. 

Scholarship Application Form

This form is to be filled out by the head of the institution.
All fields are required.

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