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MOFET Teach 2013

Education, Innovation & ICT

Study-Tour Blog​ 

A Study Tour in Israel - with a Twist!

Technological innovation and the integration of communication technologies into the education system

The study tour  which took place March 11 – 18, 2013, included an introduction to The MOFET Institute, visits to teacher education institutions and institutions of higher education, trips to schools in which communication-based programs and online teaching are implemented, and an encounter with the Israeli hi-tech industry.

One day of the tour was dedicated to a Mini-Conference.

The tour included visits to historical sites in order to become acquainted with Israel.

Read impressions of the study-tour in our blog.

View Photos from the Study Tour, March 2013


At the end of the tour, participants received a certificate attesting to the fact that they had completed the professional study tour successfully. The certificate lists the topics of the study tour and the number of hours of professional studies​​

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